The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that approximately 3,000,000 nonfatal workplace accidents occurred last year in the United States – in addition to 4,679 workplace fatalities. The point is, injuries happen, regardless of whether or not all the proper safety precautions were being practiced. These accidents are not just disturbing for the victim, but for everyone who witnessed it. This is why it’s incredibly important for companies to have a set-in-stone plan in case anything happens.

American Family Care should be the #1 option for every company in Knox County. As a walk-in clinic, we provide assistance at a moment’s notice, meaning you’ll never need to schedule an appointment to take advantage of our services. Our board-certified physicians have extensive experience working in urgent care, and have, over the years, acquired the expertise necessary to diagnose and treat a number of workplace injuries. Are facility also has the resources and cutting edge technology to test for injuries and illnesses, alike. Our on-site x-ray machine can diagnose fractures and broken bones, and we can additionally administer splints for any sprain.

To take advantage of our services, visit our facility any day of the week during business hours. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 865-299-6192. We look forward to making your business run smoother and safer!