Sports are a critical part of every child’s development – both physically and emotionally. Because they instill important life virtues such as teamwork and competition – in addition to building up strength and stamina – it’s important that parents sign their child up for sports. Most sports programs require its members to have received a physical prior to participation.

Seeing as many of these programs start around the same time, primary care physicians often get booked up in advance, so it’s smart to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Instead of visiting a physician’s office, just stop by American Family Care, and our fully-licensed physicians can administer a sports physical anytime of the week. If you forget to book your child’s physical prior to sports, just come into our center where you will never need an appointment or referral to take advantage of our services.

The reason these programs require pre-participation exams is because they want to ensure their participants are healthy enough to engage in sports. Therefore, our physicians’ goal is to make sure our patients are as safe as possible by conducting a thorough and accurate pre-participation exam. Our physicals includes the following:

  • Measuring of height and weight
  • Determining the patient’s blood pressure
  • Evaluating the patient’s heart, lungs, throat, nose, ears and abdomen
  • Monitoring posture, strength and flexibility

Summer camps and other extracurricular activities often require physicals as well, so regardless of the program, our physicians will always be ready to provide a check-up for our patients. Visit us now or call us anytime at 865-299-6192.