At American Family Care, we provide a number of different occupational health services, in addition to drug testing, DOT physicals and workers’ compensation. These services include:

Tuberculosis Skin Test: Our center offers tuberculosis skin tests to exam if patients had come into contact with tuberculosis exposure.

Lift Test: Certain jobs require their employees to perform manual labor. Like every manual labor job, lifting heavy objects is required. Lifting a certain weight is a pre-requisite for many of these jobs and at our center, we conduct lift tests on behalf of employers.

Pulmonary Function Test: Just like with lift tests, many manual labor jobs require their applicants to undergo a pulmonary function test prior to employment. This is to make sure each employee is healthy and fit enough to perform their job’s required tasks.

Respiratory Fit Test: To ensure applicants aren’t suffering from any potentially inhibiting respiratory diseases, employers will require them to undergo a respiratory fit test. At American Family Care, we conduct respiratory fit tests on a walk-in basis.

To take advantage of our occupational health services, visit us any day of the week at American Family Care. We look forward to helping your company run more productively!