basketballMarch Madness starts today, which, for those who don’t know, reigns supreme as the most chaotic playoff in American sports. The single-elimination tournament begins with 64 teams, with the winner determined by who can win just six games in a row. Basketball fans will rejoice at getting to enjoy basketball at all hours of the day for the next couple weeks, but will also likely rejoice at its conclusion as well. This is simply because March Madness puts a toll on the body.

March Madness fanatics will flock to sports bars to watch these games, where they will likely consume an unhealthy combination of wings, pizza, and beer. Each year, Americans consume an estimated 220 million gallons of beer, along with 120 millions of chicken wings during March Madness.

If you also enjoy watching March Madness in this manner, then you may want to make an effort to exercise and eat healthy while you’re not stuffing your face with buffalo wings. Even if it just means doing push-ups and sit-ups during timeouts, it will still make a difference. Of course, we all know the last two minutes of a basketball game can stretch as long as thirty minutes with all the timeouts. Also, eating healthily while you’re not watching the game will help you digest and provide your body with essential nutrients and vitamins.

If you feel as if March Madness has put a toll on your body, visit us at American Family Care in Knoxville, TN. Our board-certified physicians can administer a physical examination to ensure your body is in good health. If you wish to speak to one of our medical professionals, call us anytime during business hours at 410-484-4044.